Researchers and scholars in the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences span the biological, mathematical, and physical sciences, humanities and social and behavioral sciences, at home and around the globe. Across these Divisions, geneticists and neuroscientists work to unlock the mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease and autism; sociologists shine a light on unequal access to healthcare; geologists track the impact of climate change on sea level at the Jersey Shore; and philosophers focus their inquiries right down to the challenges of day-to-day decision-making. The School fosters a culture in which outstanding teaching, boundary-breaking research, and engagement with the broader world are all interconnected and contribute to the greater good of society and New Jersey.

Division of Humanities

Rutgers Humanities is a preeminent interdisciplinary research hub and a wellspring of innovative, interdisciplinary teaching. We provide knowledge across a range of fields, but our core mission is to help shape independent judgment and personal expression. As such, the Humanities plays a central role in the well-rounded education of all students and contributes to the creation of informed, actively engaged global citizens, prepared for the realities of the 21st century.

Division of Life Sciences

We are entering into a new age of scientific exploration and problem solving fueled by tremendous advances in technology that allow us to obtain knowledge at a rapid rate. From genetics to neurological disorders, developmental biology to state-of-the-art scientific and computational tools, our quest is to develop the foundational knowledge to address the major biological and medical challenges of our time. We believe that these breakthroughs will touch all aspects of life as we know it and underpin solutions to scientific challenges that will present themselves in the future. 

Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences hosts world-class research and educational programs in six academic departments: Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Computer Science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, and Statistics. 

Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Division of Social and Behaviioral Sciences includes the eight departments of Africana Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Latino and Caribbean Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and the Program in Criminal Justice. Faculty in these varied departments are committed to understanding and teaching about the human world at many scales, from the mechanisms of individual behavior to the way groups interact to the politics of states and nations.