Program Path

Program PathAt the end of the second year, PhD students are eligible to apply. 

Year 1 of Program

Gives PhD students an understanding of the different paths available in industry. During the first year of the program there are six milestones to complete. Students must complete six activities/workshops, which include the following: group site visits, job talks, lunch and learns, and Erdos Invitations to Industry seminars.

Year 2 of Program

(l. to r.) Yuxuan Li (GSE), Fangzhou Yu (GSE), and Director of Microfabrication Ngwe Zia work in the Clean RoomMaking sure our students are market ready by participating in courses to hone data science skills. Nearly every industry today relies on data, whether it is data about their clients or success of their product. They need employees who can collect, organize, and then interpret that data. Students will round out their academic training by participating in courses or instructional programs that assist in honing these skills.

Students who are interested in industry careers need some perspective on what a corporate culture is like and experience in data science. Which can be achieved by participating in the Erdos Data Science Bootcamp or Rutgers OARC data science courses, and completing a summer internship at a corporate facility.


Year 3 of Program

Able to climb stairs, navigate rough terrain, and respond to commands, the mobile robotic dog, “Spot,” offers Rutgers CAIT researchers an autonomous technology for innovations in infrastructure maintenance and repair.Students will gain more training in soft skills that employers value and demand. There will be an emphasis on growing professional networks. Activities for the final year of the program will broaden their understanding of jobs in industry, navigating the workplace, support the student’s search, and develop confidence. 

Students will participate in job shadowing and mentorship with an industry professional. This will allow students to connect with Rutgers Alumni and Advisory Council members and give them the opportunity to learn more about industry careers and culture.