Digital Humanities: (NJ) Oral History, Libraries and Archives

This subgroup is comprised of archivists, librarians, public and oral historians and others interested in public humanities methods and engagement. We are exploring methods to preserve, through archival and oral historical documentation, some of the ways in which teaching and learning shifted in response to the pandemic, from the abrupt exit of students and faculty from campus classrooms and dorms, to redesigned virtual assignments and pandemic-related "plague journals", staff keeping campus buildings running during closure, New Brunswick residents, local healthcare workers, and the incredibly varied experiences of our community members during this period. We have created a digital portal for collecting submissions of written text files, photographs, audio/visual recordings, and other materials that are relevant to this documentation and preservation effort. We hope to use our shared resources and expertise to document, preserve, interpret, curate, and share the important experiences of our community members to help us all understand this poignant moment in our shared history.